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Australia: Medical cannabis trial for epileptic children showing ‘promising’ early signs

NSW epidiolex trial
A special scheme providing medicinal cannabis to epileptic children too sick to join the upcoming standard clinical trial in NSW has shown "promising" early signs, though doctors have warned it is not a miracle cure.About 20 severely epileptic children have so far begun receiving the cannabis-based medicine Epidiolex under the NSW Government's Compassionate Access Scheme, with the same n...
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CLEAR and GroGlo Establish First UK Clinical Trials on Cannabis for Chronic Pain.

CLEAR has formed a partnership with the research arm of GroGlo, a UK-based manufacturer of high power, LED, horticultural grow lighting.The plan is to grow cannabis under a Home Office licence for the production of cannabis oil, both as a dietary supplement and for the development of medical products.  To begin with, a low-THC crop of industrial hemp will be planted.  We will be using th...
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Medical marijuana use in clinical trials could soon be legal in Australia

Australia has legalised the growth of marijuana for use in research, in the first step towards potentially legalising the drug for patients dealing with painful conditions.While the drug is currently illegal in Australia, two states?? Are discussing whether to allow people to use it therapeutically.The bill which the Liberal Party introduced to the country's parliament will change the ...
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Cannabinoids in the management of chronic pain: a front line clinical perspective.

Author: Mary E. LynchAbstract Chronic pain is an escalating public health problem. Currently available treatments are inadequate to control chronic pain conditions, and there is a critical need for novel treatments. Over a half century of elegant preclinical research has identified the presence of a sophisticated endocannabinoid system that is part of our natural pain and immune defense netwo...
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Medical Marijuana for Treatment of Chronic Pain and Other Medical and Psychiatric Problems A Clinical Review

Original source is Journal of the American Medical Society June 23/30, 2015, Vol 313, No. 24  Abstract Importance  Cannabis and cannabinoid drugs are widely used to treat disease or alleviate symptoms, but their efficacy for specific indications is not clear.Objective  To conduct a systematic review of the benefits and adverse events (AEs) of cannabinoids.Data Sources  Twenty-ei...
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