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MCANZ Press Release. MCANZ dissapointed with referendum results, expects “Specials” to close the gap.

MCANZ Cannabis Referendum – 2020 Election MCANZ is disappointed with the failure of the Cannabis Legalization and control referendum to gain a majority for the yes vote in the interim results. However there is a glimmer of hope in how tightly contested the result is, with approximately 480k votes yet to be counted.The Special votes, which typically lean left, would need to be nearly 70% ye...
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MCANZ Press Release: Referendum DOES give better access for Medical users.

Last night it was reported on One News that more than 30 complaints were being made to the advertising standards authority on the Drug Foundations new campaign in support of the referendum. The main issue covered was that the adverts implied that adult use legalization would improve access for patients. "It's Rubbish, you know, It is a completely misleading statement," said NZMA Chair Kate Baddo...
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Reform, not referendum, needed on medicinal drug laws – Press Editorial

Max Mason Terminal cancer sufferer Helen Kelly's push for reform on medicinal cannabis has brought renewed publicity to the issue.Terminally ill with lung cancer, Kelly has been a staunch advocate for the medicinal use of the drug since her diagnosis last year. She takes cannabis oil sourced from the black market for pain relief to avoid the sickening side effects of morphine....
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Helen Kelly calls for referendum on legalising cannabis – One News Interview

Terminally ill former Council of Trade Unions president Helen Kelly is calling for a referendum at the next general election on legalising cannabis for both medicinal and recreational use.Ms Kelly, who was diagnosed with lung cancer early last year, says she is using cannabis for pain relief and would like it to be available legally."I think if we can have a referendum on the flag - everyon...
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