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DIPG, Elyse Defying the odds.

Article by Casey Johnson, Mother to Elyse.Our daughter Elyse who is now four years old, was diagnosed with a rare and aggressive brain tumour called diffuse intrinsic pontine glioma (DIPG) on April 9th 2016 just over 2 years old.This tumor has a very low survival rate with less than 1% of its victims beating the odds. It predominantly affects children and most pass away within 3-9 mont...
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Update, Rochelle’s fight against Cancer

Rochell Kupa, a Cancer patient using Cannabis oil
I was diagnosed at the end of November 2014 with terminal cancer. I had small cell lung cancer in my right lung and it had also gone into my liver and into some of the bones in my back. I was at first only given weeks to live. Then I was told that if chemo and radiation worked, I might have six months to a year. After completing conventional treatments I quickly went on to cannabis oil. I too...
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I am still here, I am not getting worse, the big C cant have me!

Kia ora, my name is Rochelle Kupa and I have terminal cancer. My cancer is in my right lung, my liver and in some of my bones. I was diagnosed at the end of November 2014. In some ways it was a relief to find out what was wrong. For a long time now I have been a Secondary Teacher of English and Social Studies. So when I kept getting sick in 2013 and no real causes could be found, I put it d...
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Medical Cannabis and Cancer, a Call for Compassion.

My wife died in 2011 of metastatic breast cancer, she was 40.  She had all the conventional treatments, chemotherapy, radiotherapy, hormone therapy and surgery.  During this time we discovered she was allergic to morphine. She had 5 operations during this period and doctors tried every pharmaceutical flavour of morphine they had to no avail.  Morphine would make my wife very sick and it did not ...
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