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Medicinal marijuana: If it’s effective Peter Dunne will back it

Currently 48 New Zealanders are legally allowed to use Sativex which contains cannabis derivatives and the Associate Health Minister supports such products."If those products are shown as a result of the normal testing programme to be fit for purpose then we will permit them to be made available in New Zealand," Peter Dunne says."I think fundamentally people have some real compassion for peopl...
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Radio NZ – Medical Cannabis policy Urged

The Drug Foundation says as long as New Zealand has no proper medical cannabis regime, ill people will be forced to act illegally to relieve their symptoms.The foundation says a report by the Health Select Committee is disappointing and reflects fears by politicians that medical cannabis will be a back-door to broadening recreational use.The report recommends the Ministry of Health and Pharmac...
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New Zealand Drug Foundation Review of Medicinal Cannabis (2006)

The scientific and clinical evidence to support the medicinal use of cannabis and cannabis-derived products is not yet overwhelming. However, it is well-established enough to suggest cannabis has therapeutic benefits in treating people with serious conditions such as:chronic pain for which other pain relief treatments are ineffective, or have  bad side-effects neurological disorders, incl...
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