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Cannabis legalisation: Nick Clegg backs campaign calling for medical use of drug

A campaign to legalise the medical use of cannabis is being launched amid warnings that up to 1.1 million people across Britain are currently breaking the law by taking the drug to combat the pain of chronic conditions.The drive, called End Our Pain, coincides with a Coronation Street storyline focusing on the issue, and is being supported by the former Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg and...
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Nick Clegg: Give doctors the right to prescribe cannabis for those in real pain

Imagine being in constant pain, so much so that you can’t work, you can’t walk around town, you can’t lift things, you can’t even find a restful position to sleep in. Imagine that every medicine your doctor prescribes to you is either too weak to make a difference or comes with crippling side effects.Now imagine knowing there is a medicine available that can ease your pain, allow you to work, ...
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