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Herald: 20-year-old would-be politician pushes to legalise marijuana

Olivia Montgomery
A fresh-faced 20-year-old is stepping up to challenge the "pale, stale and male" status quo in Auckland politics.She is also keen to push for the legalisation of marijuana and address transport issues in East Auckland.Olivia Montgomery is campaigning to be elected in the city's largest ward, Howick, in the upcoming local body elections.She points to this year's presidential race in the...
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Press Release: MC Guidelines review dissapointing.

Last Month Peter Dunne announced the results of the Ministry of Health review into the guidelines that assess applications for ministerial approval to prescribe cannabis-based products.MCANZ, and the patients we represent, find these proposed changes underwhelming, our particular points of concern being:lack in MC expert knowledge of persons consulted; reluctance of medical profession...
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Radio NZ: Calls for independent inquiry into medical cannabis

A review which left the rules for access to medical cannabis largely unchanged was 'biased', an open letter from advocates says.Associate Health Minister Peter Dunne had Ministry officials and medical professionals look at guidelines used to assess applications for prescribing cannabis-based products.The review concluded there was a lack of data to support using the products....
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Beehive on Developments in Medical Cannabis in Australia

Australian Developments in Medicinal Cannabis may have application to New Zealand.Associate Health Minister Peter Dunne has noted with interest news from Australia today that Health Minister Susan Ley will introduce legislation that will allow for research and development of medicinal cannabis products at a federal level."While I have yet to see the detail of the proposal, from what I ...
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Shortland street echoes real life.

Last night Shortland street posed a moral dilemma, with a Class B drug (prepared Cannabis in the form of a "Pot Brownie") being administered to "Pixie" who is a minor, with obvious benefits to the young patient facing the looming threat of cancer. Unfortunately this piece of fiction is echoed on a daily basis up and down New Zealand.MCaNZ has contact with many patients who use Cannabis whilst...
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Daniel Haslam’s legacy leads to medicinal cannabis windfall

Daniel Haslam's legacy leads to medicinal cannabis windfall The legacy of a young man from Tamworth who changed the NSW Premier's view on medicinal cannabis has been boosted through a $33 million dollar donation to the University of Sydney  grandfather's love has lead to a $33 million dollar donation to Sydney University for medicinal cannabis research. Businessman and philanthropist Barry Lamb...
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Support for debate on Medical Cannabis.

In the news today there has been much debate on Medical Cannabis and the case of Alex Renton.TV3,   Council of Trade Unions boss Helen Kelly would like access to Medical Cannabis for her Cancer related pain.Yesterday West Coast Labour MP Damian O Connor met with Supporters of Alex Renton in Nelson.Today the Prime minister confirms he prefers the status quo.And the Minister Peter Du...
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