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#MC410 Sativex for Paige

Paige was the first child in New Zealand to legally access a Cannabis Based product, in this case Sativex.  There was much media coverage at the time with the family featuring on Sunday, Newspapers etc.  She was only 11 years old when she started on Sativex, and she has been on it ever since.Paige is now 13 years old,  her initial diagnosis with Dravets syndrome was when she was just two y...
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#MC410 Sativex for Warren Edney

Warren was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis (MS) in May 2013. Warren was just 41 years old at the time. MS causes damage to nerves in the body. Nerves in the brain and spine send messages to parts of the body. These messages help with bodily functions e.g.  Flexing and straightening muscles; for bladder function; for the mechanics of speech etc.“I knew what MS was because my mother had MS. Th...
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#MC410 Dr Huhana Hickey MNZM Recap after 4 months of Medical Cannabis

Four months ago I began the journey with my pain by taking Sativex which is essentially medicinal cannabis in spray form. Since I started the daily routine, I have not taken any morphine, gabapentin, codeine and have weaned down to only two tramadol a day, (anyone who says it doesn't work for pain is a liar)Previously, I was on a cocktail of opiates, all at high doses and living in a constant ...
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#MC410 Sativex for Benjamin

Benjamin was a happy healthy two year old boy until he started showing signs of seizure activity.His muscles on the right side of his face started to droop and his right arm started to lose itsmuscle control. Many tests and surgeries in New Zealand and Germany were performed but nobody could control the seizures or tell us why this was happening. Taking epilepsy medication has al...
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#MC410 Sativex for Jamie

Medical Cannabis Awareness New ZealandFundraiser for Sativex, the only Legal Medical Cannabis, the story of Jamie.At 5 weeks of age Jamie O'mara suffered a massive intracranial hemorrhage. This left him severely brain damaged and in need of constant care. This was attributable to Jamie not receiving aVitamin K injection at birth.As a result of his brain damage Jamie developed s...
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