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The Costs of Cannabis – Food vs Pharmaceutical grade.

One of the key barriers to improved access to Cannabis Based Products in the current framework is cost.  Sativex, available on-label for MS, has less than 12 people using it in NZ for that purpose, out of a patient population of 3000+ where trials demonstrate that a little over 40% of medium to severe patients gain sustained clinical benefit, there are hundreds of patients with this one condit...
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Rebecca Reider: How to bring Medical Cannabis into NZ.

UPDATE:  This method is no longer available, and has resulted in arrests and deportation. Do not travel from the USA with Cannabis on your person.Post by Rebecca (Redwood) ReiderHOW TO BRING MEDICINAL CANNABIS INTO NEW ZEALAND, LEGALLYBefore bringing my meds from Hawaii to NZ recently, I did a lot of research on how to do it legally. Please SHARE this info with anyone who may benef...
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NZ Herald: Customs allows woman with cannabis through Auckland Airport

Customs gave the all-clear to a woman who subsequently brought an ounce of cannabis into the country.Golden Bay woman Rebecca Reider confirmed to the Herald that she travelled through Customs at Auckland Airport on Friday with an ounce of medicinal cannabis that had been prescribed to her during a visit to Hawaii.Documentary maker and drug reform campaigner Arik Reiss has put photos on...
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