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#MC410 Dr Huhana Hickey MNZM Recap after 4 months of Medical Cannabis

Four months ago I began the journey with my pain by taking Sativex which is essentially medicinal cannabis in spray form. Since I started the daily routine, I have not taken any morphine, gabapentin, codeine and have weaned down to only two tramadol a day, (anyone who says it doesn't work for pain is a liar)Previously, I was on a cocktail of opiates, all at high doses and living in a constant ...
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#MC410 Sativex for Jamie

Medical Cannabis Awareness New ZealandFundraiser for Sativex, the only Legal Medical Cannabis, the story of Jamie.At 5 weeks of age Jamie O'mara suffered a massive intracranial hemorrhage. This left him severely brain damaged and in need of constant care. This was attributable to Jamie not receiving aVitamin K injection at birth.As a result of his brain damage Jamie developed s...
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