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Australia: Addiction doctor slams cannabis trials on children as unsafe

An addiction doctor has slammed the rush to legalise medical marijuana for sick children, warning there's no evidence it is safe for young brains."It shouldn't be used at all on children or adolescents," said Dr Philip Crowley, an addiction medicine specialist at the Royal Adelaide Hospital who will present his views at a medical conference on Friday. "We now know cannabis is ...
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Medicinal cannabis to be legalised in Australia from November

Medicinal cannabis will become legal, but strictly controlled from November this year, under a formal decision reached by the Therapeutic Goods Administration this week.The final decision was published on Wednesday, paving the way for the drug to be legalised for medicinal use, as the federal government works towards creating a national regulator.Clinical trials have shown moderate qua...
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Press Release: Medicinal Cannabis Scheme to be established in the ACT

A Medicinal Cannabis Scheme will be established in the ACT to give people safe and legal access to high quality medicinal cannabis products, announced Assistant Health Minister Meegan Fitzharris today.This follows the recent interim decision by the Therapeutic Goods Administration to reschedule cannabis from schedule 9 (prohibited substance) to schedule 8 (controlled drug) of the Poisons S...
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Breaking News: Australian Parliament passes Medical Cannabis laws.

On the one-year anniversary of medicinal cannabis campaigner Dan Haslam's death, parliament has passed laws allowing the cultivation of medicinal cannabis.Senators paid tribute to the tireless efforts of Mr Haslam's mother, Lucy, who was instrumental in campaigning for change after medicinal cannabis helped her son with severe nausea brought on by his chemotherapy treatment.The laws cl...
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Medical marijuana use in clinical trials could soon be legal in Australia

Australia has legalised the growth of marijuana for use in research, in the first step towards potentially legalising the drug for patients dealing with painful conditions.While the drug is currently illegal in Australia, two states?? Are discussing whether to allow people to use it therapeutically.The bill which the Liberal Party introduced to the country's parliament will change the ...
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Beehive on Developments in Medical Cannabis in Australia

Australian Developments in Medicinal Cannabis may have application to New Zealand.Associate Health Minister Peter Dunne has noted with interest news from Australia today that Health Minister Susan Ley will introduce legislation that will allow for research and development of medicinal cannabis products at a federal level."While I have yet to see the detail of the proposal, from what I ...
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Perthnow -Dealers ripping off desperate families

PATIENTS who rely on medicinal cannabis are being forced to grow it themselves as unscrupulous dealers capitalise on the vulnerable.David Stevens, whose nine-year-old daughter is reliant on cannabis oil to quell the constant seizures she suffers from her rare form of epilepsy, said the government needed to put checks and balances in place to protect families, who were often desperate.“Beca...
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