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Rose Renton starts petition to counter ‘impossible criteria’ on medicinal cannabis

Medicinal cannabis campaigner Rose Renton has started a new petition calling on the government to make cannabis-based medications available in New Zealand without delay.The petition, which launches on Tuesday, urges "reform of the law to allow access to quality, affordable cannabis in New Zealand for medical use" and says current efforts to regulate access to pharmaceutical-grade cannabis prod...
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Hope for Zoe in cannabis oil

Karen Jeffries of Rotorua is working hard to get a type of cannabis oil legalised to be able to treat 7-year-old daughter Zoe. The plan coincides with the treatment of Nelson teenager Alex Renton, who received a one-off dose of cannabidiol (CBD) product Elixinol after being in an induced coma in Wellington Hospital since April. Associate Health Minister Peter Dunne last week approved the product, ...
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Support for debate on Medical Cannabis.

In the news today there has been much debate on Medical Cannabis and the case of Alex Renton.TV3,   Council of Trade Unions boss Helen Kelly would like access to Medical Cannabis for her Cancer related pain.Yesterday West Coast Labour MP Damian O Connor met with Supporters of Alex Renton in Nelson.Today the Prime minister confirms he prefers the status quo.And the Minister Peter Du...
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TVNZ 7 Sharp – Teen in Coma for 57 days needs legal access to Cannabis Oil

Seven sharp have done an interview with the family of the young man with suspected Encephalitis who has been in a coma for 57 days and counting. Mike Hosking: On a day where we found out that the courts weren’t in a position to help Lecretia Seales, what did the judge say, it’s really only Parliament’s job who can do that, we want to introduce you to a young man who has a similar vexed battle on ...
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