Living (Well) with Menieres disease. Successfull self treatment with Cannabis.

Meniere’s disease has an unknown cause but results in fluid build-up within the ear that damages structures, resulting in deafness, tinnitus, nausea, vomiting and vertigo.-mood getting dark

– numbness increasing behind my ear


-tinnitus intensifying
-brain fog clouding in
-sense of smell strengthening
-dizziness nauseating
-temperature rising
-balance shifting
-sweating profusely
-surroundings moving
*Meniere’s attack imminent*
Round and round and round goes the world
you find a spot to focus on so it’s not so massive
Grab a door, fall to the floor or if your lucky grab hold off a toilet
Round and round and round
So Hot
violent convulsions
vomit that seems to come from your toes
Drenched in sweat
Now your bowel lets go
So untidy – No time to care
On and On and On
No Strength -No energy -No self-worth
spinning slows
shaking starts
crawl to a safe place
When and where will the next attack be ANYTIME ANYWHERE MENIERES DOESNT CARE
Menieres was ruling my life and stealing my purpose
The doctors are great but there is no cure so all they have is maybes
Maybe this might work
Betahistine, Valium, Ativan, Meclizine, Zofran, Sumatriptan gentamicin injections in your ear, grommets, cochlear implants,
* side effects side effects side effects*


My energy, my fitness, and my mental stability were at an all-time low and I was about to give up on my dreams
Till the day I accidentally had a couple of bites of a cannabis cake, for me*IT CHANGED EVERYTHING* I discovered

  • My Brain fog lifted
  • My Nausea dissipated
  • My balanced regained
  • My tinnitus decreased


My main side effect was that I couldn’t stop smiling

After trial and error, I now make a capsule filled with coconut oil infused with cannabis leaf
two capsules every eight hours and I am now 8 months attack free
I now live with Meniere’s and it no longer rules me
cannabis has given me my self-worth back and helps me deal with all the symptoms of my disease
BRING ON MEDICAL CANNABIS we need more understanding of this amazing plant and its healing properties
I know it’s illegal and I know its not good to self medicate but when something works so well those risks I’m willing to take
The dose I take is very low and I take as little as possible.
I recommend if anyone thinks to try, start with the common recommendation of start low and go slow….  too much is not good and you could be surprised how little is needed!

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