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Conflicts of interest

In a private capacity as a self employed contractor via “Te Rongoa Pai Consulting Ltd”, MCANZ Coordinator Shane Le Brun has received consulting fees from the following businesses,

Cannabis Labs,  Hikurangi Enterprises, agreed fees not yet paid from Releaf Distribution and is employed as a Business Development consultant to an undisclosed company.

Income sources.

MCANZ is a charity with limited access to conventional nonprofit funding and financial services, due to the nature of its advocacy. For this reason, MCANZ has and does receive money from Industry for one-off projects, where the goals align and our financial independence is not threatened. One-off projects for example that have been funded are the attendance to the SI GP conference in 2018, the print out of our policy booklet, or even donations towards the cost of medicines for patients.  Funding is done in alignment with the Australian “working together” guide which outlines how consumer groups can effectively and ethically engage with medicines companies.  MCANZ has not received donations from any current medicines suppliers. Instead for those companies who already provide medicines into NZ, donations are sought via supplying medicines on compassionate grounds to patients.

MCANZ has received donations both for one-off projects, various fundraising campaigns or low-level ongoing donations from the following companies or their key shareholders/directors listed below alphabetically;

  1. Alpine Labs
  2. Cannabis Labs
  3. CANNZ Logistics
  4. Erba
  5. Helius
  6. Hikurangi Cannabis Company
  7. Releaf Distribution
  8. Setek
  9. Soma Group 
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