Chronic Pain, on the edge of society.

I don’t and I won’t take cannabis till they legalize it for medical purposes. Narcotics

At age 16 I was assaulted, and left partially paralyzed for several hours. Ironically they thought I was lying about the pain, paralysis and then numbness – it was hours before I got pain relief and even then it was only paracetamol. After four days in hospital they decided they would give me a more robust pain relief, it was too late.

I’m 45 I’ve suffered with Chronic pain and chronic fatigue since I was 16. I’ve had all the drugs – the one that killed Elvis, Codeine, Morphine, Aspirin, Paracetamol four times a day, and more and more Tramadol.

I use to work, but when I stopped using cannabis that became impossible. Why you ask? Sleeping for starters, I live for four hours unbroken sleep, Bliss is four hours sleep, then awake for two and then another 2 hours sleep. Bliss is not often. I was smaller, yeap one side effect they never tell you of codeine and Tramadol is you put on the pounds. I thought I knew what munchies was on cannabis. But it’s nothing like the desire to eat all the time when on those drugs.

When I took cannabis 3 to 4 times a week exercise was simpler. I could walk for miles, and ride for Km’s. Now days it harder and harder, and the pain relief from Tramadol does make walking simpler, but I don’t want to pop those four times a week just to exercise. But, I’m seriously thinking about it.

The chronic fatigue is hard to predict, it can just wipe you out and make you a zombie at any time. Most employers can’t have that in the workplace, I don’t blame them, not in this environment, where every cent counts just to survive.

I’m lucky I have a wonderful partner and I get $57 a week from the state to live on. I don’t remember asking to be assaulted, nor did I ask that my body reacted the way it did because of the assault. That said, if I could use cannabis to manage my pain and chronic fatigue I could do more, much more…..  It’s been 12 years since I stopped using cannabis regularly, and 5 since I stopped using it at all. All I can say is I’m much, much worse for obeying the law. I have not work since I stopped, and my medical bills  have only increased. I’ve going from participating in society to sitting at it’s edge.

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