Cannabichromene, or CBC is a trace Cannabinoid found in the Cannabis plant.

It is not as well understood as the main constituents in Cannabis, but is not psychoactive, and has demonstrated some useful traits.

In 1 study on animals  it was demonstrated to alleviate diarrhea without causing constipation, which is unique among treatments for diarrhea, a useful if somewhat obscure use for an extract of Medical Cannabis.

Other studes have confirmed that CBC enhances analgesia, and that it is one of the chemicals responsible for the entourage effect of pain relief.  Curiously, CBC works for acute pain, where the other Cannabinoids are known for their pain relief on inflammation and nerve damage and disorders.

Another use for CBC is as an anti inflammatory, reducing symptoms such as swelling.  A curious side effect of this is that it appears to reduce swelling without interacting with the Cannabinoid receptors, again demonstrating the entourage effect by boosting the anti inflammatory effects of other Cannabinoids.

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