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BERL report’s revenues could offer funding for Medical Cannabis users.

MCANZ Press Release: BERL report's revenues could offer funding for Medical Cannabis users.Medicinal cannabis patients want a slice of the projected revenue should Cannabis be legalized, with the revenues expected to be over $1 Billion as laid out in the BERL reports released last week.MCANZ would like to see some of the tax revenue's or levies ring-fenced for a Named patient funding schem...
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MCANZ Press Release: Medicinal cannabis patients raise their voices for a ‘yes’ vote in referendum

Medicinal cannabis patients are banding together to call for a ‘yes’ vote in September’s cannabis referendum.This week, Medicinal Cannabis Awareness New Zealand is launching a social media campaign to implore New Zealanders to vote yes and fully legalise cannabis through a controlled framework.The social media campaign features the faces of some of the many thousands of patients who still ...
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MCANZ Press Release: Referendum DOES give better access for Medical users.

Last night it was reported on One News that more than 30 complaints were being made to the advertising standards authority on the Drug Foundations new campaign in support of the referendum. The main issue covered was that the adverts implied that adult use legalization would improve access for patients. "It's Rubbish, you know, It is a completely misleading statement," said NZMA Chair Kate Baddo...
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MCANZ Press Release. Patients to Challenge ACC over Medical Cannabis Funding

MCANZ has resolved to take the fight to ACC for funding Medical Cannabis, due to persistent refusals experienced in the patient community even when patients have exhausted all other treatments, or the clinical response of patients using Medical Cannabis has far exceeded standard treatments.As recently as January this year it seemed as if progress was being made, with a significant win for ...
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MCANZ Press Release: MCANZ Joins Health Not Handcuffs to Campaign for the Yes Vote in the Cannabis Referendum

Medical Cannabis Awareness New Zealand (MCANZ) is proud to announce that it is joining forces with Health Not Handcuffs in advance of the 2020 referendum in September.MCANZ is the only registered charity in New Zealand focused on helping real patients get access to medical cannabis through legal means.  Our mission is to facilitate and promote the re-introduction of medicinal cannabis (MC) pro...
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MCANZ Press Release, Medicinal Cannabis Supplies in NZ Depleted

For the second time in as many months, medicinal cannabis supplies in New Zealand have been depleted. 2 of the main Cannabidiol (CBD) products generally available in New Zealand are out of stock. Neither of the products are expected to have stock until the end of November at the earliest. These products are from different sources, with both Swiss and Canadian products affected.This shows the p...
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MCANZ Press release: Significant delays in developing the Medical Cannabis scheme

Public consultation on Medicinal Cannabis is not due until some point in July after multiple delays in the scheduling. Early OIA  requests showed the initial date was planned for the 22nd April, putting the scheme 3 months behind, with 6 months to go.The Labour party election promise was to legalise within 100 days of assuming office, after assuming power, it vowed to Introduce legislation wit...
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MCANZ launches its first study of Medical Cannabis users in NZ.

An unprecedented research project to discover how and why New Zealanders are using cannabis medicinally has been launched today by Medical Cannabis Awareness New Zealand.The study, New Zealand Medicinal Cannabis Use Research Survey 2019, is an online survey of patients using cannabis for medical reasons based on Australia's Cannabis As Medicine Survey and has been designed in conjunction with ...
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MCANZ Press release: Leaked email reveals World Health Organisation Recommends Rescheduling Cannabis

Late last year, the World Health Organisation (WHO) held the 41st meeting of the Expert Committee of Drug Dependence (ECDD). This was a historic meeting as it was the first review of Cannabis scheduling in international treaties since before the existence of the UN or WHO.After a delay in reporting the results due to suspected political pressure, an internal letter to the UN Secretary-Gene...
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