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DIPG, Elyse Defying the odds, nearly 4 years and going strong.

Article by Casey Johnson, Mother to Elyse, a follow up to this earlier post from 2018Hi my name is Casey. I’m a wife and mother to two children, Blake 9yrs and Elyse 6yrs.We had a perfect life that was soon to be shattered. I’ll tell you a bit about our story.The past 3 years 8 months have proven to be some of the hardest yet greatest and most rewarding moments of my life.Elyse, my...
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Living (Well) with Menieres disease. Successfull self treatment with Cannabis.

- numbness increasing behind my ear -tinnitus intensifying -brain fog clouding in -sense of smell strengthening -dizziness nauseating -temperature rising -balance shifting -sweating profusely -surroundings moving *Meniere's attack imminent* Round and round and round goes the world you find a spot to focus on so it's not so massive Grab a door, fall to the floor or if yo...
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DIPG, Elyse Defying the odds.

Article by Casey Johnson, Mother to Elyse.Our daughter Elyse who is now four years old, was diagnosed with a rare and aggressive brain tumour called diffuse intrinsic pontine glioma (DIPG) on April 9th 2016 just over 2 years old.This tumor has a very low survival rate with less than 1% of its victims beating the odds. It predominantly affects children and most pass away within 3-9 mont...
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An open Letter to the Political and Medical Profession.

Dear Politicians, Parliamentarians, Health Providers, Doctors and Nurses Approximately 5 years ago, at the age of 45, I was diagnosed with a rare, untreatable, incurable auto immune disease that was attacking my kidneys and I was told take these medications for pain relief, these medications to slow down the protein leaking into your system, and these pills to control your blood pressure and inje...
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My experiences with Tilray so far – Dr Huhana Hickey

 While I began my journey middle of 2016 to switch from Sativex to Tilray, it was not until February 2017 I was able to begin using it. Initially, I couldn’t see how three mls of the Tilray oil daily was going to help. I wondered if the switch would be any use and I was nervous about the pain returning.  Fortunately It worked almost immediately, and yet it was subtle. I just suddenly noti...
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Brain tumour patient forced to break law to get necessary cannabis treatment

Adam Poulter had a tumour the size of a tennis ball removed from his brain but his choice of medicine could land him in jail.The 30-year-old, who two weeks ago had the tumour removed, is adding his voice to the call to legalise cannabis, though he does not advocate for the drug's recreational use.For him, illegally buying and taking one gram of cannabis extract each day eases the pain,...
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Update, Rochelle’s fight against Cancer

Rochell Kupa, a Cancer patient using Cannabis oil
I was diagnosed at the end of November 2014 with terminal cancer. I had small cell lung cancer in my right lung and it had also gone into my liver and into some of the bones in my back. I was at first only given weeks to live. Then I was told that if chemo and radiation worked, I might have six months to a year. After completing conventional treatments I quickly went on to cannabis oil. I too...
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Chronic Pain, on the edge of society.

I don't and I won't take cannabis till they legalize it for medical purposes.At age 16 I was assaulted, and left partially paralyzed for several hours. Ironically they thought I was lying about the pain, paralysis and then numbness - it was hours before I got pain relief and even then it was only paracetamol. After four days in hospital they decided they would give me a more robust pain relie...
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One News: ‘How much pain do I need to be in?’ MS sufferer pleads for funding of medical cannabis

Sickness beneficiary Warren Edney, who suffers immensely from a rapidly progressing form of MS, on his need for Medical Cannabis, to support Warren, and others like him, please consider donating to him on our give a little page. 
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