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Nelson lawyer Sue Grey takes government to High Court over cannabidiol

NINA HINDMARSHLast updated 07:49, January 21 2017Sick New Zealanders might not need to jump through so many hoops to obtain some cannabis-based medicines if a Nelson lawyer wins her battle against the Government.Sue Grey says she has the backing of a leading government scientist who says CBD based medicines should not be restricted because CBD isn't covered under the Misuse of Drug...
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Terminally ill man who grew cannabis for pain relief is sentenced in court

Terminally ill man who grew cannabis for pain relief is sentenced in courtHANNAH MCLEODLast updated 18:11, January 10 2017STEVE DIPAOLA/REUTERSPolice found seven mature cannabis plants inside the terminally ill man's garage.Two men who grew cannabis for their own "medicinal" use have been sentenced in the Invercargill District Court.Daniel Joseph Butler, 60, and Paul Ja...
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Stuff: First Kiwi approved for new cheaper medicinal cannabis treatment

 An Auckland woman with multiple sclerosis is set to become a "guinea pig" for a new medicinal cannabis extract.Dr Huhana Hickey is the first person in the country to receive approval for Tilray, which was recently cleared for use by Associate Health Minister Peter Dunne.Tilray could be around half the price of Sativex, which until now has been the only cannabis product approv...
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Submissions for Rose Rentons Petition.

Following on from Rose's successful petition, which heralded an unprecedented amount of signatures for a Cannabis Law Reform petition, the health select committee is going to be formally asking for submissions, so its time to get cracking!We realize that not everyone is in a position to write their own submissions, due to disabilities and the inability to concentrate due to medications etc...
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TVNZ: ‘Good news’ – Minister signs off on new medical marijuana product for multiple sclerosis patient

There's been a victory for a group of medical marijuana campAssociate Health Minister Peter Dunne has signed off a new product for a patient who has multiple sclerosis and there is hope that the rare decision will open the door for others.Doctor Huhana Hickey lives with multiple sclerosis and has been using Sativex to help cope with the pain.It is the only readily available...
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Helen Kelly: A leader who inspired and well respected

Helen Kelly was a leader who inspired love and respect. I am one of the many who knew her but was not in her inner circle.However, we had a connection that goes back to a unique childhood.Our childhood on the political left in Wellington was steeped in activism for workers' rights and social justice, and marked our lives in different ways.Some of the children of that sub-culture be...
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Rotorua businesses help fundraise for medicinal cannabis cause

Rotorua businesses have raised their hands to help fundraise for medicinal cannabis.Medical Cannabis Awareness New Zealand (MCANZ) is currently doing a fundraising campaign called #MC410 for legal cannabis treatments for people in a similar situation to Zoe Jefferies, a young Rotorua girl who is responding well to Sativex for her epilepsy.Sativex is a Ministry of Health-approved cannabis o...
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MCANZ registered for Spark Payroll Giving

Spark Foundation payroll giving
We are pleased to say that Medical Cannabis Awareness New Zealand is now set up for Payroll Giving. The Spark Foundation launched in July 2011 and one of their principles is to encourage generosity through theur Payroll Giving program. This program enables Spark employees to nominate an amount to be deducted from their salary as a one-off or an on-going donation to a registered charit...
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Rebecca Reider: How to bring Medical Cannabis into NZ.

UPDATE:  This method is no longer available, and has resulted in arrests and deportation. Do not travel from the USA with Cannabis on your person.Post by Rebecca (Redwood) ReiderHOW TO BRING MEDICINAL CANNABIS INTO NEW ZEALAND, LEGALLYBefore bringing my meds from Hawaii to NZ recently, I did a lot of research on how to do it legally. Please SHARE this info with anyone who may benef...
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