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Medicinal cannabis to be legalised in Australia from November

Medicinal cannabis will become legal, but strictly controlled from November this year, under a formal decision reached by the Therapeutic Goods Administration this week.The final decision was published on Wednesday, paving the way for the drug to be legalised for medicinal use, as the federal government works towards creating a national regulator.Clinical trials have shown moderate qua...
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Australia: Medical cannabis trial for epileptic children showing ‘promising’ early signs

NSW epidiolex trial
A special scheme providing medicinal cannabis to epileptic children too sick to join the upcoming standard clinical trial in NSW has shown "promising" early signs, though doctors have warned it is not a miracle cure.About 20 severely epileptic children have so far begun receiving the cannabis-based medicine Epidiolex under the NSW Government's Compassionate Access Scheme, with the same n...
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Business insider: The DEA made a big decision on marijuana, but it wasn’t the one everyone was hoping for

The Drug Enforcement Administration announced on Thursday morning that it won’t change the federal legal status of marijuana.Marijuana is classified federally as a Schedule I drug under the Controlled Substances Act (CSA), meaning that it has no currently accepted medical use and a high potential for abuse. It’s the same classification as heroin.While the DEA didn’t reschedule marijuana, i...
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Cannabidiol spray delivered to Florida’s first registered patient

Calm/CBD Spray
At 10:12 a.m. Monday, Rich Murphy was handed a one-ounce bottle of hope.Murphy, a 61-year-old survivor of a 2014 horrific traffic accident, received one of Florida’s first therapeutic doses of cannabidiol spray.The spray was distributed by Surterra Therapeutics, a health and wellness-focused company.Suterra president Susan Driscoll and Dr. Lisa Avery – Murphy’s neurologist – gave M...
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Press Release: Medicinal Cannabis Scheme to be established in the ACT

A Medicinal Cannabis Scheme will be established in the ACT to give people safe and legal access to high quality medicinal cannabis products, announced Assistant Health Minister Meegan Fitzharris today.This follows the recent interim decision by the Therapeutic Goods Administration to reschedule cannabis from schedule 9 (prohibited substance) to schedule 8 (controlled drug) of the Poisons S...
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Australia: Doctors set to legally prescribe pot to patients

Mike Baird
Doctors across the state will be able to legally prescribe medicinal cannabis for their patients as of tomorrow.Cannabis-based medicines have so far been available only to patients enrolled in clinical trials in NSW but Premier Mike Baird said new regulatory changes meant the drugs can now be considered for ­patients who have exhausted standard treatment options. “People who are serious...
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CLEAR and GroGlo Establish First UK Clinical Trials on Cannabis for Chronic Pain.

CLEAR has formed a partnership with the research arm of GroGlo, a UK-based manufacturer of high power, LED, horticultural grow lighting.The plan is to grow cannabis under a Home Office licence for the production of cannabis oil, both as a dietary supplement and for the development of medical products.  To begin with, a low-THC crop of industrial hemp will be planted.  We will be using th...
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Poland’s rapper MP unveils bill on medical marijuana

  Warsaw (AFP) - A Polish rapper-turned-politician on Monday presented a draft bill on legalising medical marijuana in an EU nation where two-thirds of people back the idea."This draft crowns everything I've said over the years, especially during the election campaign," said MP Piotr Liroy-Marzec, better known by his stage name Liroy, who pioneered Poland's rap scene in the 1990s. ...
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Canadian patients allowed to grow their own Cannabis (again)

A group of British Columbia residents argued the law requiring medical marijuana patients to buy their cannabis was unconstitutional (Getty) A federal court judge in Vancouver has ruled that medical marijuana patients have the constitutional right to grow their own marijuana, striking down a ban introduced by Canada's previous Conservative government. The court suspended its decision for six...
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Breaking News: Australian Parliament passes Medical Cannabis laws.

On the one-year anniversary of medicinal cannabis campaigner Dan Haslam's death, parliament has passed laws allowing the cultivation of medicinal cannabis.Senators paid tribute to the tireless efforts of Mr Haslam's mother, Lucy, who was instrumental in campaigning for change after medicinal cannabis helped her son with severe nausea brought on by his chemotherapy treatment.The laws cl...
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