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Poland’s rapper MP unveils bill on medical marijuana

  Warsaw (AFP) - A Polish rapper-turned-politician on Monday presented a draft bill on legalising medical marijuana in an EU nation where two-thirds of people back the idea."This draft crowns everything I've said over the years, especially during the election campaign," said MP Piotr Liroy-Marzec, better known by his stage name Liroy, who pioneered Poland's rap scene in the 1990s. ...
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Sir Paul Holmes turned to Cannabis before his death: NZ Herald

The late broadcaster Sir Paul Holmes turned to Cannabis before his death, his widow has revealed.Lady Deborah Holmes said her husband was not a drug user but "in the final weeks it was the one thing that could give him peace and comfort".Sir Paul died age 62 in February 2013 after battling heart problems and the return of prostate cancer.His wife told Herald columnist Brian Rudman ...
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Crowe used liquid marijuana: Selvey

Martin Crowe was self-medicating with a cannabis product in the months before his death, a friend of the iconic cricketer has said.The former New Zealand captain and batting great died from cancer at the age of 53 on Thursday, prompting an outpouring of tributes from around the world.Among them, former English cricketer and Guardian commentator Mike Selvey has written a piece for the Briti...
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Golden Bay woman wins legal victory for medicinal cannabis

A Golden Bay woman who won a legal victory for medicinal cannabis says suffering patients are being treated like criminals, and it's time Parliament caught up.Rebecca Reider, 37, appeared in Nelson District Court on Monday facing a raft of criminal charges including importing medicinal cannabis products and another five charges relating to possession.The maximum sentence for importing is e...
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New Zealand urged to grow cannabis for medicinal purposes

New Zealand should grow medicinal cannabis because of its potentially good returns, a Massey University scientist says.Dr Mike Nichols, who has also researched hemp growing, said New Zealand risked losing out on a profitable industry, in the same way it once turned down the chance to grow poppies for legal codeine and morphine.Even though New Zealand scientist Ralph Ballinger was t...
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Nelson Mail: Takaka woman’s use of cannabis to treat MS ‘topical’

A Nelson District Court judge struggled to find an appropriate sentence for a woman who cultivated cannabis to help treat her multiple sclerosis.Fiona Porter, 45, told the court on Monday that she grew cannabis for personal medicinal use after medication prescribed to treat her multiple sclerosis left her unable to see, walk or speak properly at times.Police found 11 mature cannabis plants...
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Radio NZ: Kelly ‘back at square one’ in medical cannabis fight

Former union leader Helen Kelly says she is "right back at square one" in her bid to use legal cannabis to ease the effects of her terminal lung cancer.Ms Kelly - who was the president of the Council of Trade Unions - says the country's medicinal cannabis system does not work. Her application to use medical cannabis was turned down by the Ministry of Health earlier this month.The governmen...
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Breaking news: Grace Speaks!!

Grace Yeats
Grace Yeats, the young girl who suffered from a mystery illness at the age of 10, and had earlier this year been helped by "One Dollar Warriors" by raising nearly $30000 dollars for Sativex, has had a rough week, being rushed up to Starship Hospital with a suspected failure of a medical device.However all is not bad news. Tracy her mother has reported that for the first time since the init...
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Canadian patients allowed to grow their own Cannabis (again)

A group of British Columbia residents argued the law requiring medical marijuana patients to buy their cannabis was unconstitutional (Getty) A federal court judge in Vancouver has ruled that medical marijuana patients have the constitutional right to grow their own marijuana, striking down a ban introduced by Canada's previous Conservative government. The court suspended its decision for six...
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Breaking News: Australian Parliament passes Medical Cannabis laws.

On the one-year anniversary of medicinal cannabis campaigner Dan Haslam's death, parliament has passed laws allowing the cultivation of medicinal cannabis.Senators paid tribute to the tireless efforts of Mr Haslam's mother, Lucy, who was instrumental in campaigning for change after medicinal cannabis helped her son with severe nausea brought on by his chemotherapy treatment.The laws cl...
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