TIlray was introduced based on approvals granted for applications sponsored by MCANZ. MCANZ is now advocating for an even cheaper product to introduce a degree of competition to the NZ Market.

FOR PRESCRIBERS: Please use this linked resource to ensure all applications to the MOH are thorough, to allow for rapid turn around of applications.

A primary function of MCANZ is to assist patients and their specialists with the application for, and prescribing of alternative Cannabis Based Products, for which we have become quite successful. Over half of the applications Peter Dunne approved before delegating the responsibility to the MOH were based on our advocacy in the quest for more affordable products.

MCANZ was the first to introduce Canadian products to New Zealand and was ahead of the curve, when the MOH sent out a list of products available internationally, one was in use in NZ, and that was based on our work.  MCANZ is already working on alternative products that we consider “near pharmaceutical” due to the prohibitive costs of Sativex, and we have High THC, CBD and Pure CBD products to advocate for currently that do not require cold storage, a significant improvement on the issues surrounding Sativex logistically.

Our advocacy involves compiling a letter outlining a product, why we feel its suitable, pointing out the latest research conclusions, our definition of what a clinical success for a trial would entail, (such as Opioid reductions) proposing a dosing regime and warning of any potential drug interactions or side effects to watch out for, such as blood pressure drops in the elderly patient population. We then attach the forms and lab reports for the product to enable the specialist to review the proposal rapidly without having to research too much themselves, as we understand NZ based specialists are time poor to do their own research and keep up with the developments in the Medical Cannabis industry internationally.

This method has had significant success which MCANZ is keen to build on, if you are a patient, or a GP or specialist looking for something other than Sativex, then you have come to the right place, please email us at [email protected] to start the conversation, and we can help you with an application. If you want to sound out your specialist first, then please take our introduction letter to them to gauge a response.

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